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Cultural Competency Training for Medical Providers

AMPAA is THE organization that can provide in depth and succinct cultural training for your organization who are taking care of Afghan refugees.

We offer print material, modules, virtual sessions, webinars, and in-person training. If you are interested in learning more about cultural competency training, please email us at

In response to the health issues of Afghan resettlement process as a result of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, AMPAA has produced a number of healthcare-related videos in cooperation with IMANA. These videos are presented in Pashto and Dari to educate new arrivals and provide our community with important information about the health issues.

Healthcare Maneuvering

Healthcare Maneuvering (Pashto)
Healthcare Maneuvering (Dari)


Anemia (Pashto)

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care (Pashto)
Prenatal Care (Dari)


Breastfeeding (Pashto)
Breastfeeding (Dari)

Preventive Care

Preventive Care (Pashto)

Family Planning

Family Planning (Dari)