Afghan Medical Professionals Association of America (AMPAA)
4601 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 1200 Arlington, VA 22203 

AMPAA is a charitable organization dedicated to uniting Afghan healthcare professionals, providing medical education, and providing medical assistance and care for all people within the United States and Afghanistan.
Our mission is humanitarian and without political agenda.  We do not discriminate in our assistance and provide support to all people regardless of culture, language or religion.  

AMPAA is organizing a volunteer trip from February 18th to March 5th 2016 to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees arriving on the Greek islands. Volunteers are paying for their own travel, food and lodging costs. Donations collected through PayPal will go directly to the purchase of medicine, clothes, food, and other basic life necessities. 

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Afghan Medical Professionals Association of America (AMPAA)
4601 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 1200 Arlington, VA 22203
Annual Membership Fee
AMPAA is a US-registered 501(C)(3); therefore, all donations are tax deductible.Please email to request a Donation Acknowledgement Letter for tax purposes.

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Peace Sign made from life vests left by those arriving on the Greek islands
The Refugee Crisis in Greece has reached unimaginable levels. In recent months, thousands of refugees from war-torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq have been arriving on the shores daily. Refugees pay excessive amounts of money to smugglers to travel from Turkey to Greece on overcrowded boats that normally do not have enough gas to make the full trip. Many have not survived the journey due to sinking of boats and drowning. Those that make the journey, arrive with little to no warm clothing, shivering and cold, with no food, and minimal, if any, personal belongings. All have a long and hard journey ahead of them until they are able to find a safe, secure environment for their families to live in peace. Much information can be found by a simple internet search. We encourage all to learn more and support however you can.